Bouillon cube processing and packing line

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Bouillon cube whole processing line, contains: powder pressing machine, film folding wrapping machine, box packing machine, carton tray packing machine, and transparent film wrapping and sealing machine.






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Process of the line

bouillon cube processing packing machine line

Machines in the process

1. Pressing machine

This machine is designed for pressing all kinds of powder materials into a cube, like bouillon cube, effervescent tabletds etc. It is suitable for batch production of the basic equipment rotary speed, the depth of the filling and tablet thickness can be adjusted. The machanical buffer device can avoid the overload and cause damage to the machine. The machine can be another match suction powder box, through the suckers to absorb dust, avoid bonding jams, and recycle raw materials to use.

bouillon cube processing pressing machine

2. Wrapping machine

This wrapping machine is used to pack solid square and rectangle products with flat bottom such as bouillon cube, chocolate, and candy etc.

It adopts Globoidal indexing cam mechanism, with high indexing accuracy, stable operate and low noise.

beaf chicken bouillon cube wrapping machine

3. Boxing machine

This boxing machine is applicable for packing various solid regular objects into boxes, like cubes, bags, bottles, and cookes etc.

It can finish automatically opening box, pushing product into box, printing batch number, and sealing etc.

Brightwin Bouillon cube production line

4. Automatic tray packing machine

This Automatic tray packing machine is used to pack cubes into carton trays. It can be 2 layers, 3 layers and 4 layers etc. It adopts vacuum sucker to take and put cubes into trays.

We are the ONLY ONE in China who can make this machine.

Brightwin Bouillon cube production line
Brightwin Bouillon cube production line

5. Transparent Film 3d Packaging Machine

This machine is widely used in film automatic packaging for various single or piece collection items such as bulk poker, cakes, soap, tissue, cigarette, sugars, skin care products, medicine, wafer biscuits, cube trays etc.

The machine adopts a new type of double safetly mechanism, so it does not need to stop or damage other parts when the machine is not running synchronously.

6. Conveyor

This conveyor is developed independently by our company, used for delivery the cubes, it's not common converyor, and our company is the ONLY ONE who can make such conveyor in China. Many companies try to copy ours, but never succeed.

Brightwin Bouillon cube production line

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    chicken beaf bouillon cube processing machine line

    chicken beaf bouillon cube processing machine line

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