Carton packing machine

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This carton packing machine is used to put bottles, cans etc into cartons; it can finish arranging bottles etc, opening cartons, putting it into cartons, and sealing the cartons. According to different products, it can choose mechanical arm to put bottles into cartons.
With high cost performance, save much labor cost.



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This cartooning machine insists of arranging bottles opening cartons, putting bottles and sealing the cartons.

Working process
1. The carton open system will open the carton automatically and moulding. Sealing the bottom of the carton then send to the next station.
2. The finished bottle will be arranged according to the carton packing requirement ,and get to the carton packing structure.
3. The control center send the signal to the carton packing system, the waiting bottle will dropped into the carton, the carton packing finished.
4. The finished carton will be send to next station for carton sealing machine.

Packing capacity: 6-12 carton/min
Platform height: 700mm±50
Voltage: 220V 50HZ
Air source: 6-8KG/CM2
Tape size: 48-75mm
Weight: 450KG

After sales services
1. Offer professional operation manual
2. Online support
3. Video technical support
4. Free spare parts during warranty period
5. Field installation, commissioning and training
6. Field maintenance and repair service

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