Automatic 3 layers disposable plane face mask making machine

Short Description:

Automatic 3 layers disposable plane face mask making machine


  1. 1.  Equipmentcharacteristics:

Planar mask pure mechanical inner ear hemming point tape machine is the latest type of mask machine improved pneumatic drive. It has precise positioning, low working noise, fast speed, smooth movement, etc Advantages, the masks produced are short, neat, beautiful, and low in defect rate.

Compared with traditional mask machines, the output is greatly improved, no air source is needed, the working environment is greatly improved, and the overall performance is stable.



  1. Descriptionofcomponents:    01 rack: the rack size is the same as the traditional equipment of the same type, and the compatibility isstrong.


02  Electric box: Increased electric box space, clear wiring, easy maintenance, and promote heatdissipation.


03  Ear melting mechanism:  convenient for maintenance and reduces the frequency of replacement of wearing parts of the equipment, saving maintenance costs and improving work efficiency. Many key components such as the rotating disk in the mechanism adopt heat treatment process to strengthen the mechanicalproperties.


04Rotating disc rotating mechanism: keep the same with the traditional equipment mechanism, strong compatibility.


05  ear shear mechanism: improved to stepper motor drivencutting.



06  Side melting mechanism: The main drive adopts the same mechanism as ear melting,with fast and smooth movement and lownoise.


07  Edge shearing, pressure feeding and rotating mechanism: In the practical situation of traditionalequipment,itischangedtosteppingdrive,thepressurefeedingrotatingmechanism is accurately displaced, the synchronization between mask conveying and edge clamping is extremely high, ensuring uniform and neat trimming and noisesmall.


08  Discharging mechanism: improve the blanking, increase the guidance, and make the product superimposed neat andbeautiful.

09  conveyorrack:stableanddurable,canadjusttheoperatingfrequencyandspeedaccording to actualneeds.


Mask picture made by this machines

3. Parameter:

Machine size4000L*1950W*1700H


Weight:about 1000Kg

Ultrasonic system20KHz Power3Kw

Voltage50/60Hz                         AC220V


Fabric feeding part:


Raw material rolls are hung on the feeding rack according to the specified position. Material will be feeded automatically when the machine is working.




Masks production part:



This part is a very intelligent part. It can fold the fabric as request and wrap nasal clip


line in the fabric. At the same time uses Ultrasonic to seal the fabric together to be masks. We use 4 Ultrasonic machines at this part to ensure high capacity.


Intelligent ultrasonic generator






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Earloop part, stable and fast. Has binding sealing function to meet Medicalstandard. You can use it or not according to your need. Inward ear belts, tidy and easy to pack, can be connected with other packing machine to be automatic line. We use four Ultrasonic machines to weld ear bets on the masks and ensure the high capacity.


Masks stacking:

This part is used to count the masks and stack them in stacks, then the stacks can be packed at the next machine automatically. Save labor cost.

The number of each stack can be adjusted as customers’ request.




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