Automatic carton packing machine

Packaging Machine: Automatic carton packing machine

• What is automatic carton packing  machine

• What is the operating process of our carton packing machine?

• The advantage of our carton packing machine.

• Why choose Brightwin carton packing machine?


What is automatic carton packing machine?


The carton packing machine can finish automatically folding leaflet, opening box, pushing product into box, printing batch number, and sealing etc.

The carton packing machine is applicable for packing various solid regular objects like bags, eye-drop, medicine board, cosmetics, bouillon cubes and cookies etc.

What is the operating process of our carton packing machine?

Operating process of carton packing machine:

The whole process of carton packing machine is Opening the carton- Packing Products-Date coding-Sealing.


The advantage of our carton packing machine


1.Different sizes of cartons can share one machine by adjusting, easy operation.

2.The leaflet can be 1-4 folders.

3.With detection and rejection function if no product or cartons.

4.Printing batch numbers synchronously, can print 2-4 lines

5.Shows malfunction, alarms and stops automatically, and shows how to operate and maintain it.

6.Shows speed and counts automatically.

7.Can be connected to other machines to form automatic packing line

8. Top accessories, quality assurance

9. Best after-sale service.


 Why choose Brightwin Carton packing machine?


Quality is Brightwin's culture. Brightwin pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality and unprecedented servie.

Our quality control team insures that the incoming components and outgoing equipment meet or exceed customers' requirements.

Each machine is tested against customer's samples before delivery.

Brightwin is a leader in customer support. Our customer service group and technical staff of professionals are always really to answer customers'questions 

and solve problems before or after sales. Because of these, our machines have been sold to North America, South America,Europe,Middle East, Africa,Asia and Australia etc.

We are confident to be your trustworthy supplier in China.

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