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Advantages of our capping machine:
1. Siemens PLC and touch screen control.
2. High speed, adjustable in 0-120bpm.
3. It is applicable for different bottle and caps by adjusting
4. High cost performance, it can screw caps onto bottles quickly and nicely.



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◆This machine is for the caps regardless the shapes as long as screw caps. This machine has the original design, easy to operate and adjust. The speed can reach 200bpm, freely used separately or combined into production line
◆When you use semi-automatic spindle capper, the worker only needs to put the caps onto bottles, during their moving forward, the 3 groups or capping wheels will tighten it.
◆You can choose the cap feeder to make it fully automatic (ASP). We have the cap elevator, cap vibrator, declined plate and etc. for your choice.

1.This is a high cost performance machine, it can screw caps onto bottles quickly.
2.Can choose vibrator or cap elevator according to different caps.
3.High speed, adjustable in 0-120bpm is applicable for different bottle and caps by adjusting or change some parts.
5.Siemens PLC and touch screen control.

Elements brand

Item Brands and material 
Sensor Bransparent bottle sensor from Leuze Germany
Touch screen SIEMENS
Breaker Schneider
Rack SUS304
Bearings Japan NSK, original imported
Air switch Schneider
Replay Omron


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