bouillon cube envelope type wrapping machine

Short Description:

This envelope type wrapping machine is used to pack all kinds of cubes in envelop type, like bouillon cubes, sugar cubes, and green bean cake etc.

We are The only one in China who can make the whole line for cubes, which includes pressing machine, wrapping machine, boxing machine and conveyor. Many companies wanted to copy our conveyor, but they failed, because they can not copy our core technology; the cubes would be blocked without this core technology.



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This bouillon cube envelope type wrapping machine is used to pack solid retangle bouillon cubes, enveloper-wrapping chocolates, and candies etc.

It is back sealing machine, high accuracy, stable operate and low noises.


1.PLC & microcomputer control

2.Photo-electrical positioning, stepper motor control paper feeding
3.AC inverter speed control
4.Automatic folding and sealing
5.Easy operation, high efficiency, labor saving, easy maintenance
6.Meet GMP requirement
bouillon cube envelope type wrapping machine

Main technical

Model BW-600
Speed 60-120pieces/min
Shape Square/retangle
product size 10g
packing material wax paper, Aluminum thin, art paper, wafer
powder 1.65KW
machine dimension 1700*800*1540mm
weight 600KG

After sales services:

1.Offer professional operation manual
2.Online support
3.Video technical support
4.Free spare parts during warranty period
5.Field installation, commissioning and training
6.Field maintenance and repair service

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