Cube application: Chicken cube packing machines

Cube application: Brightwin Chicken cube packing machines


Brightwin 's chicken Cube Production and packaging line can finish chick cube pressing, chicken cube wrapping and and chicken cube cartoning automatically. It is applicable for various products in cubes like bouillon cube,chocolate,sugar cubes and bean paste cake etc.

Pressing machine Side seal Wrapping machine

The Brightwin chicken cube machines' Advantages :

1.It is designed and manufactured according to customers different products,film and capacity etc.
2.According to the capacity to decide the quantity of wrapping machine and boxing machine.
3.Can be different box packing way by changing some parts.
4.The voltage is customized.


The processing of Brighwin Chicken cube packing machines:


About us

We are the FIRST ON in China to make the whole line of chicken cube which is connected with conveyor and we are also the ONLY ONE who can make such conveyor in China.
Quality is our culture. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality and unprecedented service. Our quality control team insures that the incoming components and outgoing equipment meet or exceed customers' requirements .Each machine is tested against customers' samples before delivery.
Brightwin is a leader in customer support. our customer service group and technical staff of professionals are always ready to answer customer questions and solve problems before or after sales.

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