Colombian customer placed an order with us for the third time

Recently Colombian customer placed an order with us for the third time.

We have successfully completed the first two orders he placed, and met all his customization requirements for the products .
So the third collaboration was also a natural outcome.

When placing the first order,he ordered a whole chicken cube production line from us,this include pressing machine,wrapping machine and boxing machine. We have tailored the machines he needed.
These were the feedback photo and video he sent us, and from the video, we can see that the machine operates very smoothly.

Based on the first pleasant cooperation,  the second time he wanted to order a new boxing machine to be used with his old pressing machine.And he also made his request.As you can see,we will produce machines accroding to customer requirements.

The purpose of his third order this time is to buy a new line and replace his factory's manual line with a fully automated one, in order to save labor costs.
After two successful and enjoyable collaborations, this time he is more confident in handing over the entire production line to us.Our engineers will also design the most perfect machine according to his requirements.

We look forward to more customers understanding us and collaborating with us.

Post time: Nov-23-2023