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grinding machine 1000-1000

This machine is designed for grinding all kinds of granular materials into powder.

Powder fineness is customized. We have few model machines according to different capacity requirement, you can choose on your own need.

The machine adopts dust removal system to avoid environmental pollution.

It can adopt temperature system to control the temperature to guarantee the flavor of raw materials.

Pressed products

Brightwin Bouillon cube production line


1. The machine is closed, meeting GMP requirement.

2. With transparent glass cover, can see the working situation inside, also can open it to clean and maintain it.

3. High pressure, can press product in large size, and different shapes with patterns.

4. Can press two layers of products.

5. Different sizes can share one machine within certain limits.

6. With overload protection device, avoid damage of the machine.

7. Adopts oil-immersed lubricating transmission mechanism, Being hermetic under the machine to prolong the service life, and avoid cross-infection.

8. The max capacity can be 180000pcs/hour, choose different machine model according to different capacity.



Normal quantity of Punch&die(Set) 17/19
Max. Pressure (KN) 100
Max length (mm) 40
Max. Depth of Filling (mm) 25
Cube size(mm) Customized
Rotate Speed (r/min) 20
Production Capacity (pc/m) 600-800
Electric power source(V/Hz) 380/50
Power (KW) 4
Outside Measurement (mm) 600*960*1750
Weight (Kilogram) 2300

If you have other capacity need, please contact us for details of other model machine. 

The shape of product can be customized, show us your product, We will give you the best recommend.

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