Granule filling line

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This Granule filling line is used to weigh and fill all kinds of granule things into bottles and jars etc, like nuts, candies, preserves etc. It can finish weighing, filling, capping, sealing, weight detecting and labeling etc.
The machine equipped with electronic combination weighing machine, which is more accurate and more efficient. It is important equipment for the automatic quantitative packaging system.



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Granule filling line can finish weighing, filling, capping, sealing, weight detecting and labeling etc. It is applicable for various containers like plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans etc.

1. The weight in each bottle can be set in touch screen.
2. Can use different model of electronic scale according to different weight and capacity.
3. The whole line is adjustable, it is suitable for different bottle sizes and shapes by adjusting or change some parts.
4. It is designed and manufactured according to customers’ different products, containers and requirements like capacity etc.
5. The electrical elements brands can be customized.
6. The voltage is customized.

Weigh range: 10-500g*n
Precision: 0.5-2g
Max speed: 40-50 times/min
Power: 220V,50HZ
Hopper volume: 1.3L
Diamension: 1436*1086*1258mm

After sales services
1. Offer professional operation manual
2. Online support
3. Video technical support
4. Free spare parts during warranty period
5. Field installation, commissioning and training
6. Field maintenance and repair service

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Granule weighing and filling machine
Granule weighing and filling machine7
Granule weighing and filling machine8
Granule weighing and filling machine4
Granule weighing and filling machine02

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