BRIGHTWIN Tomato Seasoning Bouillon Sugar Cube Pressing Wrapping Boxing Machine

Short Description:

This is bouillon cube production line, used for pressing press making wrapping packing boxing 4g 8g 10g 12g bouillon cubes or other cube products, like sugar, green bean cake, vitamin C, midical tablets, effervescent tablets etc. 

All of our machine can be Customized according to your request

China number one,just our company can make the whole production line


Quantity of Punch&die(Set)


Max. Pressure (KN)


Max length (mm)


Max. Depth of Filling (mm)


Cube size(mm)


Rotate Speed (r/min)


Production Capacity

0-1400pcs/min;can be customized according to your production request






In China, just our company can make the bouillon cube production line,other company may have the seperated machines, but they have no the whole production line 



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This machine is designed for pressing press making wrapping packing boxing 4g 8g 10g 12g and other grams bouillon cube.


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