Boxing machine for cubes

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We are the first one in China who made this boxing machine for cubes; many factories are copying us, but can never go beyond us.

This boxing machine also can be used to boxing bottles, medicine, biscuit, cosmetics and any other kind of thing in boxes. It can finish automatically folding leaflet, opening box, pushing product into box, printing batch number, and sealing etc



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Boxing machine

The boxing machine is used to pack cubes into boxes, and other products as well, like bottles, cakes etc. It also can finish automatically folding leaflet, opening box, pushing product into box, printing batch number, and sealing etc.


1.Different sizes of cartons can share one machine by adjusting, easy operation.
2.The leaflet can be 1-4 folders.
3.With detection and rejection function if no product or cartons.
4.Printing batch numbers synchronously, can print 2-4 lines
5.Shows malfunction, alarms and stops automatically, and shows how to operate and maintain it.
6.Shows speed and counts automatically.
7.Can be connected to other machines to form automatic packing line


Speed: 30-120boxes/min
Power supply: AC 380V/220V etc (customized), 50Hz, 2.5Kw
Air consumption: 20 cubic metres/hour


After sales services:

1.Offer professional operation manual
2.Online support
3.Video technical support
4.Free spare parts during warranty period
5.Field installation, commissioning and training
6.Field maintenance and repair service

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