Automatic 2 in 1 oil liquid bottle filling capping machine

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Automatic 2 in 1 oil liquid bottle filling capping machine 

BW rotary filling and cap-screwing machine integrate filling and capping into one unit; can be used for different kinds of materail production. With only a few parts changed, the machine can also be used for product filling. The piston filling method is used in this machine. The filling is quick, steady and accurate. Cap screwing device adopts assorted magnetic pieces-structure to avoid damaging the cap when screwing it on the bottle.

The whole process on BW-24-8 machine from entering bottles to carrying our finish products is controlled by PLC. The machine will do filling and cap-screwing when there are bottles on the work position and it will not do filling and cap-screwing when there is not any bottle. It needs to change the bottle conducting board when another kind of bottle is used in production. The machine is easy to operate and to change for different kinds products. And it is suitable for the large production of nutrition liquid, syrup, tincture and medicine for bone. The machine can be combined with bottle rinsing, labeling device to be an automatic line. The part that touches liquid is made of stainless steel 304..


Details &Feature :

1、 Model:BW 

2、 Capacity:can be customized 

3、 Use piston pump, each nozzle with one piston pump.

4、 Material: The material which contact directly with the liquid is the SUS304 (Food grade), made in china. The transmission mechanism and the gear are equipped with firing A4 carbon steel.

5、 The 2-in-1 is mainly used to fill liquid soap, oil and others.

6、 Characteristic:


The all machine applies piston pump when filling, which make sure the bottle filling goes stable, reliable during high speed. The bottle handling technical also make the different bottle changing easily without changing too many accessories.

The advanced piston pump was applied. Filling is quick, and stable. Not contacting with the liquid avoids second pollution and oxidation.

This machine applies magnetic force screw type sealing, realizing auto grasping cap, sealing. The sealing cap force can be adjusted.

Independent electricity box makes sure every electrical appliance works normally.


7、 Disposition :


Speed reducer: JIE brand Hangzhou

Invert speed control: Japanese Mitsubishi

PLC: Japanese Mitsubishi

Touch screen: TAIWAN

Electricity appliance: SIEMENS 

8、 Volume of PET bottle : 1L

9、 Diameter of bottle: 50-100mm can be customized

10、 Height of bottle: 170-320mm 50-100mm can be customized 

11、 Cap diameter: plastic screw type cap diameter from 28mm

12、 Filling temperature: NORMAL TEMPERATURE

13、 Filling pressure: ≤0.15Mpa 14、 Filling precision: ±0.1%

15、 Gas consumption: 0.4m³ /min 16、 Power of main motor: 4KW

17、 Dimension: 1600×1500×2150mm 18、 Weight : 2000kg .


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