Which brand of filling machine is good

Which brand of filling machine is good 

Customers always ask: What brand of filling machine is good? We all know choose right filling machine manufacturer is very important to all customers, why I say that choose right filling machine supplier is important? because the quality of the filling machine directly affects the production of the company. Because the company's performance is affected by the problem of the filling machine. Please see the following analysis given by the filling machine manufacturer. After reading following analyze, trust you will see:which kind of filling machine manufacturer is good

Trustworthy:Our company has been established for 15 years. The chief engineer has 20 years of experience in the filling machine industry.that’s to say

Good Quality:Quality is our company culture. All machines must be tested for 24 hours before leaving the factory.

Reasonable Price: All of filling Machine parts are from top companies in the world. For example, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, AirTac and so on. All configurations are advanced configurations, but the price is only medium or medium low. Same price, our filling machine performance is best. Same filling machine performance, our price is lowest.

Fast delivery time:7 days for standard model, if filling machine in stock, will delivery immediately, customized model depend on customer requirements, usually about 15-30 days.

Financial security:before booking filling machines, we all sign QUALITY ASSURANCE contract  with our clients, we trust that very few suppliers in China can offer this kind of services(Product Quality Assurance Contract)which means all the items is the same as you ordered,if there are any quality problem refund all money to you.

After service:We have professional foreign installation and commissioning engineers, which have many years of experience in foreign debugging with deeply recognized by customers. We will provide on-site installation and commissioning services for foreign customers, and we will guide your workers directly.

Convenient location: we are in Shanghai, our factory is near in Shanghai port , Pudong international airport and Shanghai hongqiao airport. Whether it's transporting the machine or you come to visit our factory. Are very convenient.


Perhaps, Brightwin machinery is not the best, but if a filling machine manufacturer that meets the above requirements in all aspects, and it will be the one that suits you.So choose us--Brightwin Machinery, the best filling machine manufacturer(supplier).

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