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  We are from Brightwin, a preminum manufacturer of filling machines, capping machines, labeling machines and various packing machines in food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. We have our own factory in Shanghai and our machines are customized, according to customers’ request. Our machines are sold to many countries, we have many regular customers who buy back frequently and they are full of praise of our machines. Today we would like to share you a hot sale machine—-Blister packaging machine!


The contents of this article is as follows:

1. What is blister packaging machine?

2. What products can blister packaging machine pack?

3. Advantages of our blister packaging machine

4. Summary

1. What is blister packaging machine?


Blister packaging machine is a kind of machine that uses transparent plastic film or sheet to form blister, and uses heat sealing, bonding and other methods to seal products between blister and bottom plate. The blister packaging machine is suitable for industries of foodstuff, medicine, medical instruments, hardware, electronics and etc for packing.

2. What products can blister packaging machine pack?

The following products are packaged by the blister packaging machine


泡罩机1_副本    药板_副本


The blister packaging machine can pack honey, various sauces, powders, capsules, tablets and pills,etc.


3. Advantage of our blister packaging machine


(1) It adopts the newest type high-power transmission mechanism to arrange the chain and drive the main driving shaft. The errors and noises of other gear wheel transmission can be avoided.

(2) Imported controlling system is adopted; also it can be equipped with detecting and rejection function device for number of medicines according to the user’s requirement.

(3) It adopts photoelectrical controlling system to make PVC, PTP, Aluminum/Aluminum material to be automatically fed and waste side to be cut automatically to guarantee the Synchronous stability of over- length distance and multi stations.

(4) It can be optional equipped with photocell correction device, imported stepper motor traction and image-character register to optimize packing grade.


4. Summary


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality and unprecedented service. Our quality control team insures that the incoming components and outgoing equipment meet or exceed customers’ requirements. Each machine is tested against customers’ sample before delivery.

If you are interested in our blister packaging machine, please feel free to contact us!



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