Brightwin is professional manufacturer focusing on bouillon cube equipments R & D, designing, manufacturing and sales; from powder material mixing, cube pressing and wrapping, boxing, tray packing and 3D packaging. Its also customized and researched according to special package.

We are the ONLY ONE in China who can make the whole line for bouillon cubes. We also has obtained some national patent certificates for its unique technology. With higher cost performance, our machines are exported to many countries and regions like Europe, Middle East, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia etc and we Received numerous praise.  We have similar videos according to different packages. 

The equipments are easy to connect and install, and easy to operate; most customers can install and adjust the machines by themselves on the basis of our manuals, pictures and videos etc.

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cooperatd with Fortune 500 companies


  • 4g Maggi chicken cubes counting and filling, cup sealing, pressing capping machine for Nestle

    4g Maggi chicken cubes...

    This is a line for Nestle in Sri Lanka,for 4g Maggie cubes counting and filling cups sealing and press capping machine, 25pcs cubes in each cup, and the capacity of the line can get 25 cups per minute. It is ideal for grain products' counting filling capping, according to the package, it can connect with other machine to be a whole packaging line. It can be used on other grain products like:  buttons, shower cubes, screws, capsules, tablets, pills etc. The machine can finish all the movemen...

  • Brightwin 4g beef caldo de carne bouillon cubes processing to bottling line for a Customer from Mexico

    Brightwin 4g beef cald...

    This is a big automatic 4g cubes processing and bottling line: 2000pcs cubes per minute, 200 cubes in each bottle, 10 bottles per minute. The line combined two beef bouillon cube pressing machine and 10 cube folding and wrapping machine to match the speed requirement,  adopted one counting and filling line to be an automatic line. This is one of our regular customers from Mexico who ordered three lines since 2017 from Brightwin. This line is for Tone's beef  bouillon cube.   Item ...

  • A Mexican customer’s 60pcs/min 10g chicken cube automatic pillow bag packaging machine processing line

    A Mexican customerR...

    This is a chicken bouillon shrimp cube automatic feeding pillow bag packaging machine processing line for a customer from Mexico: 60pcs bags per minute. The line is part of a large chicken bouillon shrimp pressing wrapping packaging machine production line ,it contains two chicken bouillon shrimp cube vibrators,  one chicken cube  bouillon shrimp pillow bag packaging machine. The chicken bouillon shrimp cube automatic feeding pillow bag packaging line can finish completed wrapping cubes ...

  • A Czech customer’s 180pcs/min dishwasher laundry block cube pressing and pillow bag packing machine line

    A Czech customer’...

    This is a round dishwasher tablets production line: 180pcs tablets per minute. The whole line contains one dishwasher tablet pressing machine, it's used to press powder into tablets, and one dishwasher tablet pillow bag packing machine, it's used to packing the dishwasher talbets into pillow bags as requested number. The dishwasher tablet pressing machine has two powder hoppers, so the it can make two colors dishwash tablets. If workers place same color powder in the two hoppers, will produc...

  • A Nigerian customer’s 5g chicken bouillon cube pressing wrapping counting and bag packing machine line

    A Nigerian customer...

    This is a chicken cubes automatic bag packing line: 800-1000pcs cubes per minute.  The line is from chicken cube pressing to chicken cubes wrapping with film, finally chicken cube arranging counting and packing into bags. The line contains one chicken cubes pressing machine, four chicken cube wrapping machine, one chicken cube counting and filling machine, one chicken cube packing machine. The chicken bouillon cube pressing machine has two exits, which are collected by the conveyors and ...

  • A Mexican customer’s 180pcs/min 12g seasoning bouillon cube pressing wrapping pillow bag packing machine line

    A Mexican customerR...

    This is a chicken cubes automatic pillow bag packing line: 180pcs cubes per minute, small capacity. The chicken bouillon cube pressing machine has one outlet, connect to one chicken bouillon cube wrapping machine, finally connect to one chicken bouillon cube pillow bag packing machine.  The line can finish all the movement automatically, just need workers to feed powder to the chicken bouillon cube pressing machine, and change film roll for the chicken bouillon cube wrapping machine and ...

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  • Colombian customer placed an order with us for the third time

    Recently Colombian customer placed an order with us for the third time. We have successfully completed the first two orders he placed, and met all his customization requirements for the products . So the third collaboration was also a natural outcome. When placing the fi...

  • One of regular Colombian customers placed a new order from us

    A few months ago,one of regular Colombian customers placed a new order from us  Last time he ordered a whole chicken cube production line from us,this include pressing machine,wrapping machine and boxing machine. We efficiently and professionally produ...



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